A lo Cubano Classic Car Club - Organization

The Team of classic and antique cars “A lo Cubano” is a Non Governmental Organization legally established which is officially affiliated to the Cuban Federation of Motoring and Kart races (FAKC) which belongs to the National Institute of Sport. It is affiliated at the same time, to the International Motoring Federation (FIA). We have a Board of Directors formed by a small group of partners entrusted to organize and direct the internal life of the Team. They carry out a monthly meeting to check and control the accomplishment of the Working Plans and Activities as well as to coordinate the actions to be developed every month. The Board implements a Balance Assembly about the results of their work once a year with the participation of all the members in a Plenary. Their work during the period is analyzed here, presenting to the drivers the working and activities plans for the following year.

Founders and Executives




Alberto Gutiérrez Alonso










Jefe de Actividades Extra-Escuería

Manuel Estévez Gracía




Marcelo Gorajuría Marichal



Manuel Muñíz Centeno



Manuel Estévez García



Manuel Muñíz Centeno



Orlando A. Morales Pulido

Fundador Asesor e Historiador


María Rosa Blanco Vega



Mayra Grau Castillo

Activista General


Otros Miembros  Fundadores


Isaac Villanueva Sosa

Julio Palmero Pedrianes

Juan Rodríguez Martínez

Raymundo Cabrera Parajón

Pío Dubrocq Sardiñas

Alfredo SaldivarRodríguez

Fernando Sotolongo Santoyo

Virgilio Rodríguez Hernández


Directivos no Fundadores


Roberto González Ajete

Ramón Ventura Rodríguez

Atención a la Disciplina


We count on a logo as a way of identification that should carry all our cars in the front windshield. Drivers have an ID card that credit them as a member of the team, as well as a pullover and a cap with the logo that they use in those events indicated to them.

We have a Technical Commission which controls the new cars asking for their entering to the Team. It organizes controls and supervises the different Competitive events which are planned. In the case of the cars which ask for their inscription in the Team, if the commission believes they do not meet the technical and/or esthetic conditions, a technical dictum is made and it is delivered to the driver, who, in a given period of time, should accomplish what has been indicated to him and can go to a new submission. Besides, those who desire to enter in the Team should have the support of an active member who introduces himself and guarantees his behavior.

We count on Working Plans and Activities where we reflect the tasks we propose to develop which help us as a guide for our monthly, quarterly and/or annual work.

Our Team applies a Control System; practically a Manual of Standards and Procedures aimed at our activities, where we reflect the Historical, Photographic and Statistical data from our beginnings. This allows us to offer any kind of information when needed, at the same time, the History of our Team is written. We use a small leaflet as a propaganda we place in the cars´ windshields we see on the streets that we consider have the conditions to enter our Team where we invite them to take part in our activities so as they know our organization. We use a Folding delivered to the driver when he asks for his entering in the Team; we explain the drivers here about all the activities, events, Duties and Rights they will enjoy within our Great Family. We also have catalogs of photos, CD and Videos where we promote the inventory of our cars, bringing about that many of them have participated in TV Programs and in the filming of videos and movies.

Our club has established a way of stimulating our Drivers, based in the delivery of diplomas, emblems for their cars, pullovers and posters with the image of their cars, aimed at those who stand out in the different activities or competitive events that we realize. We emit an internal bulletin for all our members and friends, where it is reflected in a graphical and periodical way, the different activities we carry out. We also count on a Web Page opened to the World where we try to relate the History of the Automobile in Cuba which counts on more than 100 years. We also show in a specific manner the activities of our Team, so as our colleges from other brother countries can know what we do and helping us to improve our work with their suggestions aimed at keeping alive our automobiles which are part of the historical heritage of our small island.

Through these Page, we want to establish relations with the whole world of the Automobile and to become closer to all those who love this modality all around the world, no matter languages or races because we love our cars and this love can help to create a world more joined and therefore more pacific.


Identifiable Attributes of “A lo Cubano”Club

“A lo Cubano”Logo: It displays the three colors of the Cuban flag; Blue, Red and White; the name of the organization distinguishing “To the Cuban Way”, where we reflect everything we do in our Team. It has in the middle, the image of a Cadillac from 1907, which was the first car that rode the streets of Guanabacoa City and at the same time, it is considered the first Motorized Taxi that rode in Cuba. This car still exists and it is a sample of the preservation in our country of historical cars; the main objective of our Team´s establishment.

Flag or Banner:It has the colors of the Cuban Flag and the Solitary Star. In the middle, it has our Logo.

Drivers ID: It also has the colors of the Cuban Flag, the logo of the organization, the data of the driver and his car, and the photo of the driver and his car for the reverse.