History of Car Racing in Cuba

Car history in Cuba is quite long and is full of items and curiosities intertesantes, Cuba was among the first countries in America who owned cars and had long been a leader in the development of our continent automotris. In this section we will present the history of the Automobile in Cuba, from its beginnings until today.

Orlando A. Pulido Morales, has done the most thorough and detailed work on the history of automotive and transportation in Cuba and has established 3 main stages of the development of transportation, we will respect that view and we will present articles and information grouped in this way .


1st Stage 1898-1930

This is the moment he begins the story of the car in Cuba with the American occupation of Cuba was the first car and it all started here ...




I Carrera Internacional de Autos de Cuba




2nd Stage 1931-1959

After the construction of the Central Highway that would mark the beginning of the interconnection of the whole island of Cuba for the cars start the second stage of the automotive life in Cuba.

3er Clásico de Automovilismo Sagua - La Habana




Gran Premio de La Habana 1957






Gran Premio de La Habana 1958




III Stage 1959 - Present Days

With the triumph of the Cuban Revolution in 1959 and the subsequent imposition of the U.S. embargo against Cuba is the third phase of development and history of motor vehicles in Cuba.



Old Cars in Cuba